Monday, October 5, 2009

Billion Dollar Twitter

From the latest info on Twitter - here are a few facts on the Billion Dollar instrument: -

As of September 1st, the actual number of live Twitter accounts was just above 50 million.

Twitter's user growth is no longer accelerating. The rate of new user acquisition has plateaued at around 8 million per month.

Over 14% of users don't have a single follower, and over 75% of users have 10 or fewer followers.

38% of users have never sent a single tweet, and over 75% of users have sent fewer than 10 tweets.

1 in 4 registered users tweets in any given month.

Once a user has tweeted once, there is a 65% chance that they will tweet again. After that second tweet, however, the chance of a third tweet goes up to 81%.

If someone is still tweeting in their second week as a user, it is extremely likely that they will remain on Twitter as a long-term user.

Users who joined in more recent months are less likely to stop using the service and more likely to tweet more often than users from the past.

The average Twitter user has 42 followers

Over 75% of all Twitter users have tweeted fewer than ten times.

The average time between any two tweets from the same user is exactly 24 hours.

Users who joined in 2009 are actually more likely to keep tweeting after their first month than those who joined in the same month in 2008.

TweetDeck appears to be aggressively gobbling up market share.

The investors are valuing Twitter, which has yet to generate revenue or finalize its plans for making money, at about $1 billion.

ref: - Twitter info

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