Saturday, September 5, 2009

As Twitter Grows - So grows your List

The figures for July are out and Twitter growth seems unstoppable. 51.6 million unique visitors. March was 19 million, June 44 million - so the growth grows.

For those who see Twitter as a marketing/Information machine this is great news - what is even more important is the study from Rapleaf that states thosewho have large numbers of followers are the ones who are 'lifted' the most as Twitter continues its growth.

In other words those who work hard to establish a base of followers on Twitter, grow exponentially more when Twitter grows and keeps growing.

Therefore if you want to get the 'free' growth from the seeming unceasing twitter surge - keep working at building you following. Its a free ride. But growth cant go on forever.

(Of course after the "Oprah' surge everyone rang twitters death knell. Well every week there's belles rung for Twitters demise. Though obviously Twitter hears no bells toll.

And its importance in all aspects of the Internet continues to rise.

And even Governments have their own Twitter manuals - see UK Gov info

Please note that 51.6 million visitors is the count at Twitters websites. (People still use that!). So not included are all the users at all the third party programs people use - Tweetdeck, Seesmic etc. So those are low numbers.Vey low.

Now as any new Internet Marketing follower knows - "The list" is the Eldorado Gold on the Internet -and the ultimate list is your targeted loyal email list.

Normally to get a list you use Google Ad words (PPC) , buy lists (useless unless you spend big money IMHO), then there are all the paid progras that help, or purport to help. Some are amazing - such as Tellman and Shawn Casey have a great program, called List, but their gold is The Perpetual Marketing Machine in my opinion, where they use Teleseminars to build a targeted list, very fast.

Then there are all The Niche marketing programs with their Frank Kern, Ed Dale inspired versions of "The Flycatcher" web pages or off-shoots thereof. Many extremely valuable and timely, many of course not.

(I will be going into the concept of list building and The LIST concept itself in a further post)

But as you do all this , here is this free machine that grows and grows and builds you a list. (that you can then turn into an email list, without that much effort). As it grows, so you grow.

And of course - Business being business - there are lots (ok hundred of 'programs) and web sites to 'teach' you how to get followers on Twitter.

A couple of the most reputable I find are Darren Monroes program and Al Ferretii and Skeeter Hansens page.

Though there are hundred of systems -with twotter you can build it your self. Use Twollo and Tweetlater and Twitter directory's like Twello (free programs) to find and follow people, and build your own list.

Twitter (by accident) had become an amazing tool.See - the B to B article - And every month tho is death is predicted ( or at least slow growth) - every month is grows more. Take advantage of this free list building machine. Its hot now and will be hot for a while. But nothing is forvere. Build your this list while its simple to do. And gives you a free ride.


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