Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Signing up with Twitter

So you're at your Home Page on Twitter -and ...what?. You have no friends?

If you skipped all the 'see who's out there' pages you are at a blank Twitter page.

Twitter is really a way to have a conversation with the whole world in almost real time. (and almost the whole world - the Twitter World that is growing at 3 squadrillion people a day or something - which is why Twitter freezes and crashes and you cant get your picture to stay up there)

Use the 'search', and 'save search' to find people who are talking about things you want to talk about. Blogging - type blog .Knitting type - yep knitting (nit might get you something else entirely)

Want to see the whole English speaking world type in "i" or 'me" or 'is" etc.

Type in a Chinese character to get a different flavor.

Search and follow those that seem interesting - they may or may not follow you back. Jump right in and answer or comment on their comments, you'll find some like minded people. You'll find some surly people (this is the whole world).

The pests that hound you -"block" them . But Twitter is a busy world - if you just ignore them they go away I find.

The thing about Twitter its a voluntary opt in on anybody's, everybody's part. If they want to follow you they will, if they dont - hey there's a lot more people out ther that are like you, and will like you. Be forward, be gracious, be polite, be human - it'll work.

Twitter is safe - its just 140 words - so unless your trying Social security numbers your home address, your bank account with PIN - its safe and fun and very fast.

Save as a 'favorite' tweets (things written in twitters) you liked or want to go back to.

Check out the websites that are mention - explore - take your time - try all kinds of things - make a fool of yourself. The whole world had a lot of great people.

A lot of people use Twitter as a marketing/come-one ad tool - but hey this is the real world - you'll figure those out

O all the celebs, they probably wont reply - they probably wont even see your tweets (they possibly aren't even writing their tweets - O the shame!) - they might - but start with some real people - maybe work your way up.

(just a thought doesn't have to be yours).

If you get interested fill in thebox over there on the right (your right, the other right- yes that one) and we'll sendf you tons of free info to accelerate and enjoy Twitter and all its foibles.

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