Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Twitter has 105 miilion users- as of 2010

The company finally revealed its long mysterious registered user number, and it’s surprisingly large (based on some prior outside estimates): 105 million, or to be exact, 105,779,710, according to a slide showing behind co-founder Biz Stone during his opening remarks.

The growth’s not over either — Twitter says they’re still adding 300,000 users per day. Moreover, as many have speculated, most of Twitter’s traffic — 75% of it in fact — comes from third-party clients and applications.

While those numbers still put the company’s user count significantly behind that of Facebook (which recently passed 400 million users) the gap is narrower than many probably perceived.

Twitter CEO Evan Williams at Chirp April 14th 2010 from his keynote address.
  • Twitter gets 3 Billion requests a day through the API
  • According to comScore, that’s about the same traffic as Yahoo (though it’s not an apples-to-apples comparison
  • Growth: 1,500% per year
  • 175 employees
 Today around 37% of active users use Twitter on their phones. More than most other web services, but that should be 100%. There should be people using Twitter only on mobile, eventually. Twitter is built for mobile.

There are about 55 million new tweets being created a day. What does an average user read in a day? It’s a very tiny fraction of what’s available.

600 million search queries a day,


Thursday, April 1, 2010

Up dated Twitter use (eng;ish less than 44% now)

Twitter was born in the U.S., but American users post just 30% of the tweets, a new study says.
As well, English accounts for less than 44% of tweets, down from 50% in February, says the study from the Paris-based data-analysis firm Semiocast. Researchers followed the Twitter habits of users between March 21 and March 28.
Japanese users accounted for 15% of messages worldwide and 95% of those tweets were in Japanese. Brazilian tweeters made up 12% of posts, while 10% of tweets came from Indonesia and 6% were from the U.K.
Canadian users accounted for about 1% of tweets.