Monday, October 12, 2009

New Study on those Twitter/Facebook users

New Study from

The Big Enablers for the under 25s

If you want to point a finger at one of the big causes of this wave of social media addiction look no further than smartphones and other mobile devices.

In the Gadgetology study only 19% of the older set (35+) use a phone as the preferred device for social media services with 81% preferring instead a desktop or laptop computer. Over on the other side of the generation gap we found 46% of those younger than 35 indicating their preference for a mobile device for all things social media.

What is your preferred device for checking facebook or Twitter?

Apparently there is a big difference between those 35 and younger and those older than 35.

The older crowd indicated they spend a reasonable amount of time checking in on social media services while the younger set spends what seems like an awful lot of hours texting, and checking in with their social media sites everywhere they are whether it's in the car, at work, on vacation, or even after sex.

Do you tweet/text/check-facebook often?

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