Saturday, July 18, 2009

Review Of Darren Monroe's TwitterMember Sitea

What makes this site different ( and Darren has obviously put a lot of work into the site being different and truly useful from the "average' site out there) - is :-

a) It didn't just have a random multi page list of twitter 'maybe' tools. He had carefully selected what he had in that site. Twitter tools that did specific jobs that make the overall a marketing machine. By tools I mean websites - everything he suggested was free access.


b) The in depth teaching with videos and audio for every single site he recommended!! Very cool. Very helpful. You think - yea I've used that, then you watch the training video on that tool and you see what you've missed - tweaks and tips. Yep this site is a keeper

c) as this is a membership site, with monthly dues, Darren made sure there were constant updates and constant feedback on what was new in Twitter. His email updates are a wonder to behold, I'm telling you.

The site really has six key areas - from 'Begin here" (that's where you start you see!!) - to - 'How to create valuable Tweets', 'Locating Followers to Join you', "Social Proof", and "Building the Following

Darren puts a lot of work into teaching targeted as opposed to random followers, because the point of the site is to teach Twitter as a marketing tool. Targeted followers produce results, random followers are well - random

Each section has a list of the best web sites to create the thing he is teaching, plus a video and an audio teaching presentation on how to use -I mean step by step - how to use the web site or the tool.

Now this is a membership site - I think its $39 a month right now, (yes I pay membership) - although I see right now he has a deal for $59 - One Time payment - lifetime membership - one payment! (Ah thanks Darren - do I get that deal???) And unlike some, Darren tends to have time limited offers that actually only last a few days and then are gone - so check it out now. But if you miss the deal - its worth $39 a month -if you want to use Twitter as a business tool.

Now IMHO -If you just use twitter as a social tool, sign up for the cheap lifetime one payment and your done -$59 anyway - you will learn so much.

Anyway, so I signed up, just to see.

Now here's the serendipity I find with Darren Monroe programs - he follows up! Not AWeber, not a DM - Darren follows up. I asked a few questions (cos I was dumb) and he got back to me literally within a hour. Now I know the site is accumulating hundred of followers every hour right now, I think, so he may not respond that quickly, but he will respond, and he will update.Constant cool updates.

And just for fun I have signed up for a few of his email programs also as a test - and he is prompt, current and always on time with his follow ups and up dates - a wonder to behold.( I don't follow up that quickly-who has the time - I'm writing reviews for crying out loud!!).

If you are looking to use Twitter as tool, a marketing business tool, you need some inside scoop, and constant info on whats happening with that tool. let me repeat then -find a good teacher.

Now I personally recommend this site. (see I have ads for it on the side there - yes I do - because I believe in this site)

Anyway - try a few sites, a few programs - but definitely try this one. Money back guarantee - nothing to lose.Everything to gain.Everything.

O BTW also I noticed that when some of Darren's members got caught in Twitters wide , very wide anti-spamming net - if they were legitimate users caught in some error - Darren intervened on their behalf with twitter and reset them. Now that's cool.

Darren Monroe Twitter Member Site -

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