Monday, March 22, 2010

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  1. Who's Big On Twitter? - A Venn diagram breaking down different relationships between number of Twitter followers, number of people following you and number of Tweets.

  2. The Most Played Out Jokes About Twitter - Did you ever notice that the word Twitter is only a few letters away from the word twat? I noticed that while eating bad airline food, leaving the toilet seat up, and making some pithy observations about the differences between men and women.

  3. The Best Thing About Celebrities Being On Twitter Is... - A pie chart of different reasons celebrities and Twitter are a glorious match.

  4. Twitter Follower-Following Scatter Plot - Different points hang in the balance of number of followers and number of people you're following.

  5. The Conan O'Brien Paradox - When NBC started screwing with Conan O'Brien, the Twitter community rallied behind one of the hip comic faces of the intelligentsia. But not everything added up for me.

  6. Things You Do On Twitter That Annoy Your Friends - See what behavior is an offense worthy of four-and-a-half Fail Whales.

  7. If I Click On a Trending Topic, What Will I See? - When you click on a trending topic, you see the most recent 20 tweets about that topic. Here's what you should expect to find.

  8. Use of the Word "Your" on Twitter - English's most abused word finds no respite on Twitter.

  9. Reaction to a Celebrity Death, Twitter vs. Mainstream - The way word spreads on the Twitter news cycle is very different than the way it spreads on the mainstream news cycle. Here's a time lapse comparison of the two.

  10. What Happens When You Introduce Someone 55+ To Twitter - The results are never pretty.

  11. Who's Making Money Off Twitter - Some people are. Just not... well...

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