Friday, May 22, 2009

Twitter is easy - but remember - the Tweeple are savvy

Twitter is Free. Twitter is everywhere . Its generates leads like crazy, its viral - - heck lets make money with it. Lets go

Here's what you have to remember - the marketplace is not naive - this is not 1920.

Twitter may be new (relatively) but the people who use it are savvy.

So before stumbling too much read this great Post from - emailcopywriter on HubPages- he knows his stuff.

Three Twitter Marketing Mistakes that will lose you money

Mistake 1 - Too Much Technology, Too Little Humanity

Most marketers think that if they used the latest new-fangled Twitter app in order to boost their marketing efforts, they will also increase social marketing ROI repeatedly. Sadly, this is not really the case. Twitter users primarily come online in order to connect with one another. If you don't connect any form of human interaction and try to do self-promotion, that will result in an instant rejection. Examples of this including using automation to tweet out promotions, but not responding to a user's customer support issue.

Mistake 2 - Too Much Business, Too Little Interest

Companies think assume because they are doing business on Twitter, they need to project their corporate best. The truth of the matter is when people come on Twitter, they come to have down-time and to chill. Anything that's too business-y will result in a lack on interest. Even though for you the bottom line is the bottom line, you need to project an image of fun and tweet out links that have entertainment value. An example of this is a boring corporate themed background image. Get something funky and fun, and be prepared to stand out from the rest of your boring peers.

Mistake 3 - Too Much Aggression, Too Little Communication

A lot of online marketers treat Twitter like any other online marketing channel. Build a following, send out endless links to promos, and hope for the best. This is really one of the most silly things that bloggers and website owners tend to do. People shy away from anything that's remotely commercial-orientated, and will most probably unfollow you and spread bad press about you. There are countless examples of backlash brands face when they're more interested in making money than in interacting with their customers.

In short, when you're more interested in technology, business and aggression, you're compromising on humanity, interest and communication. Ironically, this actually leaves plenty of money on the table.

To end, once you're aware of these 3 Twitter marketing mistakes, you're in an excellent position to correct them and end up making a windfall profit from monetizing Twitter as a marketing channel.

ref: - HubPages

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