Monday, April 27, 2009

Using Twitter as a Marketing Tool

Twitter is the best Interenet Marketing tool to have arisen in recent times.

Its fast

Its direct

And its reach its unparalleled.

And now because of Oprah and Ashton Kucher - its growrth is unstoppable.

For instance - today April 27th Oprah has (let me look)...658,330 followers. And Ashton has 1,473,144 followers - you check when you read this. See if theres any growth there!

Remember one week before this _ Ashton had 1 million followers, and a week before that he had 860,00.

And 1 week ago - Oprah hadn't even started on twitter.

A friend of mine - not a celeb is hitting Twitters limit of 1,000 new followers a day, every day, the first hour of the day.

So, to be clear - there's growth available.

Now like all things Internet, Twitter will peak.

But it hasn't peaked yet - and if you want to reach a market - any market - twitter can do it.

Of course being micro- Twitter doesn't carry all the baggage- you need. Web sites and stores and email responders etc to back up this little wonder.

But Twitter gets you in the door, Twitter gets you the lists in double quick time.

You then only have to target and quantify the lists to turn them into leads, and then turn those leads into buyers.

That's old news

Its always getting the initial list that was the pain.

No More

Now there's twitter.

Whats the best way to use it?

Watch this space.

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Hey I did.

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